Prize Pool: $300.00
$5.00 Per Person to Enter

300$ TRIOS Tournament (6.0 max combined KD)

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Tournament has ended. Thank you for participating! Please check Discord for final standings
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May, 8 2021 at 4:00 PM
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How to join this 6.0 KD TRIOS Cap Tournament:

Before the start of the tournament, please do the following.

1. Register on

2. INPUT YOUR DISCORD ID & Activision ID (with the #s) into your Gather Profile
3. PAY 5$ Entry Fee to AddaVision ( WireEsports) - (


5. Comment "I paid" in the Payment Channel on WireEsports Discord (A WireEsports ADMIN will verify every entry !)

6. TEAM LEADER: Click the “Create a Team” Button on

7. Create a team of 3

8. Name your team  (Example: Wire Esports)

9. INVITE YOUR TRIOS by going to the Invite Members tab (Send Invite to teammate, have teammate join)

10. (If you lose the invite link, go to your Profile, click team name on left, click invite member)

11. Join the Tournament by clicking the “Join” button for the tournament.  

12. Play Trios (public matches) for 3 hrs from 3pm-6pm AND have the TEAM LEADER ONLY take a picture of your kills screen after EACH match. 

13. TEAM LEADER ONLY! Upload your kills screenshots and input your placements for your 3 best games. Gather will auto-calculate your score and select your top 3 matches! (Please do not double upload)

Prize Pool: $300 + Sponsored Gifts

1st: $150

2nd: $100 

3rd: $50

*All announcements in regards to the tournament, will be published in our discord.

first 1st Place $150.00
second 2nd Place $100.00
third 3rd Place $50.00