1v1 Me: FIFA 21 Tournament ONLINE (6/27)

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upcoming Tournament
Start Time
Jun, 27 2021 at 7:00 PM
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Match Details:

- All matches will be played on PS4.

- All matches will be using Club Teams; not international.

- Game Mode: Head to Head 1on1 (not FUT)

- Match Duration: 12 minutes (6 minutes per half)

- Controls: Any

- Game Speed: Normal

- Squad Type: Online

- In case of draw: Extra time and penalties if needed.


- After the match, the Winner must submit verification of the results via screenshot in Discord.

- In the case of a match dispute, it’s the players' responsibility to create a dispute and reach out to the admin/TO team.

- In order to create a dispute, DM a TO/Admin or message in the designated channel for help.

- Players are also responsible for providing proof of match results in the case of disputes. This can be done with screenshots of each victory or video replays uploaded to websites such as YouTube or Twitch.


- In the event of a player disconnecting, that player will forfeit the matchup. If this occurs in Grand Finals (which are best of 3), the player who disconnects only forfeits that one game and can continue the series if there are games left in the matchup.