Survivor Fighters

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What To Do Next
Find your opponent on the Brackets tab under details. Play your match(es) against them. Team leader submits scores and screenshots. If you advance, repeat that process in your new bracket
ongoing Tournament


• at least one member of the team must be at this discord server to get the lobby info

• Show respect to all admins, players, casters and spectators. • If your account is currently in a temporary banned state you are allowed to play on a secondary account if the admins are informed before the games start. • Do not enroll in events that you will be unable to partake in. • Arrive ready and on time for all games. • Do not leak any game details. • Make sure to play in your assigned slot. • Bring any errors to the admins or owner attention in a private message. • Players are not allowed to play in 2 different teams during 1 week's events.