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Tournament has ended. Thank you for participating! Please check Discord for final standings
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Apr, 10 2021 at 10:00 PM
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The host has to be U.K./Europe mainland/ American mainland only!!!!!

If you are not in the following you must find a team mate that is. You must insure stream videos are saved on their platform for at least 24 hours (Fb/twitch/YouTube).

Only start your streams 15 minutes prior to tournament start time and title your stream “Cheeky's tournament”.

The host has to be streaming and show geo location and task manager (if PC) at the start of their stream.

Only scores in Verdansk count! (No rebirth)

Combined team Max KDR of 2.5 only (No Reverse Boosting / KD Tanking / Stream Sniping / Teaming!)

If we see abnormalities in your K/D ratio that gives you advantages to enter any tournament with a K/D CAP, you will be disqualified from future tournaments. We reserve the right to monitor your K/D ratio.

You may start your final game at 10:59PM however should the timestamp on show later, this result will not count.

Absolutely No Cheats, Hacks, Programs, Striker packs, recoil management hardware / software, kronus, etc.

I will try and discuss any disputes with all involved however ultimately the Tournament Hosts decision is final.