Deadly Duo Spring Break Tournament

past Tournament
game Call of Duty: Warzone
mechanism Double Elimination
teams Teams 2x2: 16 /128
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What To Do Next
Tournament has ended. Thank you for participating! Please check Discord for final standings
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past Tournament
Play Ended
Apr, 11 2021 at 1:20 AM
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You may register separate or together, just make sure Team Name is the same for all team members. Also must be following CrispyFryGuy and LouieDell on twitch.

Pay-Out (How we pay)





Pay-Out Time

-All winnings will be paid out after 24 hours of completing the tournament.

-The results and scores will be posted in Tourney Chat of the discord with the team spreadsheets after 24 hours.

-Winners will be contacted via email/discord (or whichever is requested) after the scores are posted.


Stream Requirements

-PC players are required to stream. (Twitch, Facebook, Discord)

-Console players are not required however encouraged to stream.
Note: Every team will have a duo lobby specific for their team in the Discord that you and your teammate and admins are only allowed in.


Archive mode must be turned on

This means that the stream is saved and is publicly viewable.


The title of your stream must include Deadly Duo Spring Break Tournament


Your stream of the tournament may begin no sooner than 12:00pm MST

If you are streaming after the tournament, end the tournament stream no later than midnight EST and start a new stream.


You may stream before and after the tournament, but your stream of the tournament must be its own video on demand (VOD)





1 point (pretty simple)


Reporting Scores

ALL SCORES MUST BE SUBMITTED After every game via screenshot to tourney admins.

Tie Breakers

Teams that are tied will play a best of 3 kill race.

We highly recommend.

That you take Screenshots of your games. If what you report is different than the server pulls, you MUST have proof. We recommend having screen shots just in case.

It protects you.

There are NO exceptions to the reporting rules. Sending Mods screen shots, videos, reporting without video, reporting late, any reporting other than the standard reporting method will result in a score of -0-. We are trying to make a smooth and quick process for the other contestants.








All decisions made on the grounds of cheating/hacking are at Tourney Admin discretion. Staff may reach out to assess scores and plays. Harassing MODS will only result in further punishment. Any attempt to harass a member of the crew will result in punishment. We are cognizant of technical difficulties but cannot cater to them.


To prevent player/team dissatisfaction with disqualifications, all disqualifications will be posted alongside the winners including explanations.